What is CLUNA?

After a year, when LUNA experienced an unprecedented decline, the once-popular PIGCOIN dev created the token Cluna. As the same as PIGCOIN Cluna has massive decentralization on a scale rarely seen in other tokens. Combine these three together and you get a power house out of the hands of anyone, except the community as a whole.


Our Vision

CLUNA aspires to be the most reputable and well-known token on the Binance Smart Chain Network.

To build an easy-to-use exchange site that aims to be user-friendly and less intimidating than your regular exchanges. We aim to begin the development of our game once the token is fully released. After the token is launched, we plan on releasing several limited and exclusive NFTs. These NFTs will be distributed through Opensea. In the near future, we will introduce CLUNA Swap, launching a platform with the sole purpose of buying and selling NFTs.The website will be user-friendly and provide a rundown of what NFTs are and how it all works, offering information to beginners, engulfing them in.

Our Roadmap

The roadmap to success

What you can expect from this projects future.

Phase 1

  • -Token Creation
  • -Primary social media created
  • -Launching of the website
  • -Contract creation and verification
  • -Telegram community is created
  • -Voting Site Listing

Phase 2

  • -Liquidity locked
  • -Stealth launch
  • -Social media marketing
  • -Marketing through Twitter influencers
  • -Establishing Partnerships with Callers
  • -Contract Audit
  • -Apply on CoinGecko & CoinMarketCap

Phase 3

  • -Ad Campaign
  • -Dextool Trending
  • -CMC Top Gainers
  • -Collaborations and partnerships
  • -AMAs
  • -Community giveaways
  • -Community building
  • -Manual Burns

Phase 4

  • -Listing on Top Exchanges
  • -Manual Burns
  • -Staking

CLUNA Tokenomics

In a decentralized smart chain environment, we chose to burn liquidity forever to achieve token scarcity. To do this, 2% of each transaction is sent to a burn address, which is publicly verifiable for all participants to see. Our developer formulated a liquidity providing protocol to help stabilize the price floor.

Token Name

New Community Luna

Token Symbol



Binance Smart Chain



Circulatory Supply








  • + Clunatoken is a fairlaunch token and the liquidity is burned forever and renounced ownership.
  • + Clunatoken smart contract has been verified
  • + 100% Liquidity Burn
  • + Renounced Contract

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